Vision education at Pathways Children's School focuses on assessment of functional vision of the students and implementation of strategies to improve the students functional vision and visual processing. The Vision educator implements individualized plans based on each students interests, personal visual preferences (including color, processing time, optimal distance, size etc), and functional daily tasks. Vision education not only looks at the students skills during pull out individual sessions, but also looks at what the needs and activities of the student are in school and in their everyday life that are affected by their visual performance. 

During pull-out sessions, students work on specific visual abilities. This may include visual attention as well as working on consistently sustaining gaze on items of a specific size, color, or visual appearance. Additionally, the vision educator determines classroom equipment and materials (low vision devices, assistive technology, computer) necessary for the student with visual impairments to optimally learn and access their curriculum including ensuring necessary room modifications and lighting changes. Training is provided to all staff including teachers, other service providers and NESS staff to ensure skills are being utilized throughout the school day. 

Vision Education

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