Transition Program

A key component of the Pathways model is our transition program. The idea of preparing our students for life after school is the fundamental baseline for all our related services and curriculum. The transition program is built up of two components, the pre-vocational program, and the vocational program.

The pre-vocational program for students 5-13 years old and the vocational program for students 14-21 years old. The purpose of the pre-vocational program is to expose our students to a wide array of different topics and to develop soft skills such as toilet training, activities of daily living, understanding of schedules/ time, social skills, gross motor, fine motor skills, etc.. This is integrated into the curriculum and related service sessions. Once the student turns 14 years old they progress on to the vocational program. This is a formal program in which the students develop the hard skills that are necessary for the specific field of vocation they plan to transition on to once they age out of Pathways. As part of the vocational program our students participate in volunteering in the community at the ‘work’ partnership of their choice. They develop skills such as resume writing, developing interview techniques, and the specific skills required for the job they doing at their internship. They implement all of the above skills when applying for their internship. Programs are developed to increase the post-secondary employment opportunities for students by teaching them necessary life and technology skills.

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