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Speech and language therapy at Pathways Children's School focuses on improving our students expressive, receptive and pragmatic language skills. Speech language pathologists focus on utilizing all modes of communication including verbal and non-verbal language across all settings. The speech language pathologists at Pathways are highly trained and specialize in the selection and implementation of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with our students. This includes low tech AAC (ie: picture symbols), mid tech AAC (go talk, tech talk), and high tech devices (speech generating devices). They work to find the appropriate access point for switches as well as the most efficient method for the student to communicate (eye gaze, switch access, direct selection etc). Sessions are conducted individually as well as in small groups to promote social language skills. We strive for implementing communication systems for our students that will allow them to be functional and independent communicators across all environments.

The speech language pathologists implement feeding and swallowing therapy along with oral motor therapy. Speech language pathologists target oral motor skills, sensory aversions, and dysphagia to improve our students tolerance of a variety of textures and tastes. Collaboration with staff members is utilized to ensure safety of feeding and swallowing during mealtime. 

Speech and Language Therapy