Working at Pathways Children's School

School Nurse

Job description: 

• Direct Care to students - Provides care for injuries and acute illness for all students and longterm management of students with special health care needs.
• The school nurse provides leadership for the provision of health services, policies and programs
• The school nurse provides screening and referral for health conditions
• The school nurse promotes overall health as well as a healthy school environment.
• The school nurse will provide assistance with student daily routines
• The school nurse is a liaison between school personnel, family, health care professionals, and the community


• Registers Nurse (RN) license
• Knowledge of many areas of health including mental health
• Knowledge of school laws and policies
• Ability to work independently
• Team player
• Ability to communicate well with others
• Ability to assess situations and act quickly and calmly
• BLS/CPR certification
• Knowledge of state health regulations
• Ability to multitask
• Outside of the box thinker

Pathways Children's School is an independent, innovative, thought leader in the area of educating students with various neurophysiological disorders including but not limited to traumatic brain injury, multiple disabilities and orthopedic impairments. We believe that given the appropriate amount of support, our students can learn as their typically developing peers. At Pathways Children's School, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help your student meet the learning benchmarks for their grade.We are committed to the learning of students with very high needs in most or all need areas, including academic, social and/or interpersonal development, physical development and management. Via the application of a high degree of individualized attention and intervention, very intense individual programming, continual adult supervision, and a program of physical, occupational and speech/language therapy, it is our mission to enable this under-served community to access the information and experience that will enable them to both understand and interact with their world.

We believe that staff training is an integral component of providing quality care and education to our students and therefore throughout the school year there are a plethora of continuing education and staff training options for our employees. Additionally, Pathways offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience along with a variety of health care benefit packages. All applicants must submit a resume and cover letter. Please submit applications to


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