Visiting the New York Pubic Library

Throughout the school year, Pathways visits various locations of the New York Public Library, both within in walking distance (the 96th street location) as well as in other areas of Manhattan (Mullburry st location). The students have time to look through books that are in line with the curriculum and choose books to take out on their personal library card. During their time at the NY Public Library, students and staff participate in group readings while at the library as well. 

Curriculum enrichment

Field Trips 

Our students participate in frequent field trip throughout the five boroughs. The field trips provide an opportunity for our students to apply, experience, and synthesize what they have been learning throughout each school day. Before and after each field trip the students complete a writing assignment to first provide them with prior knowledge about each location and then to allow them to analyze and discuss their experiences. Some field trips during the 2018-2019 school year included:

     ~ NY aquarium

     ~ City Hall

     ~ The United Nations

     ~ National Museum of Jazz

     ~ Train Show at NYBG

     ~ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 

     ~ Hayden Planetarium

Daniels Music Foundation

Once a month the students and staff of Pathways Children's School visit Daniels Music Foundation, where they learn about the many different types of music, cultural differences between types of music and history of music. The students also learn to play and experience a wide variety of musical instruments including but not limited to bells, maracas, guitars, drums, harps, keyboards. 

Community integration

- Visit central park

- Visit coffee shops to practice ordering and paying for items

- Visit a variety of stores (grocery stores, pharmacy, general stores etc) to practice purchasing items and budgeting

- Go to the movies

New York Therapy Animals

‚ÄčOnce a month New York Therapy Animals comes to visit the students at Pathways. The students pet, play with, and see tricks performed by trained and registered therapy dog. Prior to each visit the students write questions to ask the  employee of New York Therapy Animals. 

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