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Classroom structure

The students schedules at Pathways Childrens School are highly individualized to meet the needs of each student. Each student has an individualized schedule which allows for small group academics with same age peers, individualized academic work both with the classroom teacher as well as with the neuro-educational support staff, sensory diets built into their day, activities of daily living (such as changing and toilet training), and hour long therapy sessions with service providers. This type of scheduling allows for the students to receive maximal productivity time throughout their school day as well as all necessary individualized needs and support to learn and access the curriculum. 

The classrooms at Pathways Children's School are a 6:1:1 plus 1 ratio, meaning there are 6 students per classroom, 1 teacher and and a neuro-educational support staff. Each student at Pathways has a neuro-educational support staff (NESS) with him/her throughout the day. 

Neuro-educational support staff (NESS) work one on one with their student throughout the day. NESS attend academic sessions as well as therapy sessions to allow for optimal carry over of skills learned. This allows NESS to implement skills learned in the therapies into their academic sessions and vice versa. Additionally, NESS collect data for each therapy throughout the student school day, which allows the service providers and teachers to have insight into how the students are performing and implementing skills learned in each individual session.