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Pathways Children's School was founded in 2015 by a group of parents along with leading professionals in the field of special education who felt that students with multiple disabilities did not have access to an education in which they are provided with the tools to access the same curriculum as their typically developing peers. Pathways Children's School was developed with the vision that given enough individualized support, students with profound needs could access curriculum and learn as their typically developing peers do. Today, Pathways Children's School is a 12-month program that provides education to students who are 5-21 years old with multiple disabilities, traumatic brain injury and orthopedic disorders. Pathways serves students who have various neurophysiological disorders, which affects their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. This impacts their ability to move, learn and communicate in the same way as their typically developing peers.  The curriculum is highly individualized and tailored to each students’ learning needs which include but are not limited to: learning style, learning rate, and access. Educational and therapy staff provide an education and services based on most supported research and evidenced based practice. 

As a community of families, it is a key principle that we believe families are an integral part of each students success both socially and academically. Each family at Pathways is in communication with staff members frequently to ensure optimal learning of our students and to promote carry over into each students home environment. We believe a collaborative transdisciplinary approach is crucial for our students success.

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A caring and collaborative learning community